Biddy is a 2-year old male African Pygmy hedgehog who goes on amazing adventures with the help of his people parents Thomas and Toni. He goes all over the place and if you want to see more of him and his travels check out his Instagram!


woo i got my winners! congratulations to everyone who won and thankyou all for participating! bolded winners are winners that won through voting and italics are winners through my choice. all of you guys will get your prizes in your submit boxes by the 15th :-)

Best Calum URL

bootical, ridicalum, starbucalum

Best Ashton URL

irwinsobs, irwingasm, stripperirwin

Best Luke URL

damnlucas, gothemmo, sunshinelucas

Best Michael URL

michaelstrippermichaelgclifford, kickassclifford


fivesecondsfourlosers5secum, 5sosunicorns

Best Bromance URL

candycashtonn, badassmuke, watermalum

Best 1D Related URL


Best Multifandom URL

coldplai, gallavicch, idkmum

Best 5SOS Blog

5sozfam, ashtonsweetie, official5secondsofsummer

Best 1D Blog

mullingstabatedangirish, tomlinsarse

Best Multifandom Blog

justindrwe, rideslou

Best Newbie Blog

fantasticirwinhoranfthood, feelinghemmings

Best Thememaker


Best Writer

bigup5sos, 5secondsofbabe, blowmichael

Best AUs

kissirwin, fivesosau, tattooclifford

Best Editor

fallenfor5sos, mikashton

Nicest Blogger

jumpernouis, supcal, slutlucas

Funniest Blogger

mikashton, yolucas, michaelswilly

Best Singing Voice

5sos-unoffical, ashirwingiggles, darlingluke

Favorite Michael Girl

mxlum, acciomichael, cliffichael

Favorite Ashton Girl

fablucas, ashirwingiggles, ash5sos

Favorite Calum Girl

blazeitmichael, kfchood, sarcalstic

Favorite Luke Girl

cutelucas, lucashemminqs, lukeisms

Most Likely To Date Michael

piercemycraic, maybeclifford

Most Likely To Date Ashton

cuddlycal, ashtonalmighty

Most Likely To Date Calum


Most Likely To Date Luke

lucashemminqs, starryashton


This picture always makes me laugh omg it was after my friend asked him how tall he was and he just looks so confused and unsure????